Pool Chemical Delivery Service

At Hydrotech Pool Service and Repair, Inc., we are happy to provide you with the best pool cleaning service in Houston and beyond. However, if you take care of your pool yourself we can still help. We can deliver commercial quality chemicals to your door for less than you will pay at big box stores or pool supply stores. These are the same chemicals the pros use. Here are our prices.

25# 3″ chlorine tabs $70.00
50# 3″ chlorine tabs. $130.00
25# Refresh shock $70.00
50# Refresh shock. $130.00

25# D.E. Powder. $24.00

1 gal. Muriatic acid. $8.00
1qt. No mor problems algaecide. $24.00 (this is the best, trust me.)
1 pt. orenda phosphate remover. $30.00 (ditto for this)

In addition to chemicals, we will also deliver polaris parts, skimmer baskets, pump baskets and other common pool parts so that you can take care of the most basic pool maintenance yourself. If you have any questions about pool services or swimming pool maintenance, just call or email us.

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